What is Domain parking?

Domain parking involves the purchase and ownership of domain names that contain various keyword combinations that are believed to result in organic, direct navigation traffic.

Direct navigation occurs when a user enters a website address directly into their browser's address bar. Hundreds of millions of Internet users from around the world use direct navigation to find desired products, services, and information, thus avoiding the extra steps required to run a search engine query. Direct navigation traffic is often more valuable as it is better targeted.

That's where DomainSponsor can make a big difference in the money you earn. When a direct navigation user lands on an undeveloped domain parked on DS's platform, our sophisticated technology displays tested and optimized keywords and ads that are directly targeted to what the user wanted. The result: conversion for the advertiser, which means more revenue for you.

Since 2002, savvy domain investors have relied on DomainSponsor to generate domain parking revenue on their undeveloped parked domains. Today, the parked domains on our network receive over half a billion visits per month.

Contact us today to learn more about how DomainSponsor can help monetize your direct navigation traffic and increase the money you earn from your portfolio.