Optimized Parking Technology

Domain Sponsor's patented domain parking technology uses sophisticated semantic and behavioral testing algorithms to produce the optimal combination of parked domain page keywords, layout, and design elements.

  • Direct Navigation

    When a direct navigation user lands on an undeveloped domain parked on Domain Sponsor's platform, sophisticated technology displays tested and optimized keywords and ads that are directly related to what the user was hoping to find.

  • Click Through

    The user is highly likely to click and create a conversion for the advertiser. Each time a user clicks on an ad, the parked domain owner earns PPC revenue.

  • Landing Page Optimization

    DomainSponsor optimizes landing page performance through landing page rotation and constant A/B testing. We also test new and improved new landers on a consistent basis.

Start earning more money on your parked domains today. No matter how many domains you own, work with us and discover how simple it is to increase revenues from your portfolio.

Lander Examples – we offer both 1-click and 2-click options for all of our landing pages