Have a question? Read below to get the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How often are payments made and what methods of payment do you offer?

DomainSponsor pays out net 15 once an account's threshold has been reached and quality has been verified.

We offer the following methods of payment:
PayPal ($50 minimum)
ACH and Bank Wire ($200 minimum)

Special payment terms are available for premium customers.

How do I change update my payment information?

You can make changes to your payment information and preferences by logging into your DomainSponsor account and visiting there "My Account" tab, which will allow you to make any payment preference changes as well as submit all necessary tax related information.

How do I change my log-in email address and/or password?

To change your log-in email address, please contact your Account Manager. Password changes can be made by logging into your DomainSponsor account and visiting the "My Account" tab, which will allow you to make any account preference changes including password changes and contact information. If you have forgotten your current password, please use the "Forgot Password" option found on the login page.

What optimization features does DomainSponsor offer for my domains?

DomainSponsor offers various landing pages, both generic and themed. We also offer forced keyword inclusion, allowing you to input more relevant keywords for your domains. For any keyword setting changes, please contact your Account Manager or DSSupport.

Why am I seeing a conflict when attempting to add specific domains?

Domain conflicts may occur when a specific domain has been on our platform prior to your ownership but not removed from an account. Conflicts are resolved during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. Your patience is appreciated.

Why is my account set to "No Pay"?

All new accounts remain on NoPay status for up to 90 days after start of activity. Once traffic is evaluated and accepted by our advertisers, accounts will be set to "Pay" status.

Why does my account have an adjustment?

An adjustment is an amount of earnings that we must deduct from an account due to unaccepted traffic quality. An adjustment occurs when specific traffic does not meet our advertisers' quality expectations. For questions regarding a specific adjustment, please contact your Account Manager.

How do I park my domains with DomainSponsor?

There are three ways of parking domains with us:

  • Change your domain's DNS to:
  • Forward your domains to our IP address:
  • Set your domain's CNAME to: r195.dsredirects.com
If you have a large volume of traffic, you can also contact us about customized IP and CNAME solutions.